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It can be difficult for Mustang owners, especially new owners, to find companies with the parts, services, skills and experience necessary to work on Mustangs.. after all they are  NOT your average Toyota!

At the bottom of this page is an example comment reinforcing the need to stick to companies who know Mustangs well

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The following comment was received in June 2006. It is reproduced as general advice to new owners about sticking to service and parts companies who know Mustangs well.

"I recently purchased a 94 Mustang convertible. I'm writing to you to share with others if you like the trials and tribulations that I have experienced in my short time as a Mustang owner. Since purchasing my mustang for $ 18000 at Monaco motors I have since paid an additional $ 20,000 for its conversion at C&N ( who did a magnificent job) and a further $7000 on repairs to the radiator and cooling system as well as installing a few new parts.

As a person who has absolutely no mechanical knowledge or experience I have found myself having to rely entirely on others to advise me as to the condition of my vehicle and its motor.

I recently had cause to seek advice on why the temperature gauge needle was climbing to just before the red line but still within the working range lines on the temperature gauge. After taking my vehicle to 3 different garages, Auto electricians and Radiator specialists including the local Ford dealer (Fairview Ford Hamilton) it was their opinion that there was nothing wrong with the vehicle. Obviously every time i took it in to be appraised a cost is attached.

Not happy about the needle climbing so high I again took my car into yet another auto electrician who informed me that the problem could be the sensors that trip the cooling fans when the engine heats. During this time i have had my radiator core cleaned, had a new temperature sensor and sender installed and replaced a number of other parts trying to eliminate any possible cause and identify the real problem. Im afraid to say my story still hasn't finished but I am hopeful for a happy ending. I get my car back from Mustang Parts New Zealand on Saturday hopefully with everything sorted.

The lesson I have learned out of all of this is that people who you believe are professionals and can rely on to give you good sound advise when it comes to Mustangs are in fact not as knowledgeable as you think and the advice they give could cost you a lot of money in the end. To anybody who wishes to own a Mustang in the future make sure you have already sourced reputable mustang service providers and dealers prior. To go to any other Garage or car service provider seeking advice is only going to cost you dollars and the advice you receive is most probably not all that good. Don't do what i did.. stick to Mustang specialists."


The story ended like this........... The cars owner was told by an Auto electrician that the fans were not coming on at all, and this was the cause of the overheating problem. He was right....the fans didn't even work! Armed with this knowledge we replaced the temp sender unit as well as the small computer that tells the fans when to activate. After replacing the fore mentioned, everything worked well. The fans kicked in when they were meant to, job done,.... not so!
A grumpy phone call revealed the car had overheated again. It was a shame we were the last to get our hands on the car, it had been through a right hand drive conversion, then to Ford, a mechanic, a auto electrician and finally us whom fixed what we were told to fix as the others had supposedly solved the water flow problems.
A call from a car yard a couple of months later revealed the car had been traded in and the engine needed rebuilding as all the water pockets in the heads were completely clogged with gunk. The car now is again in great working order.  Freddy,  Mustang New Zealand