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International Parts Suppliers

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There are a HUGE number of international Mustang Parts suppliers, and the list below represents but a tiny selection. (Listed in alphabetical order)

When purchasing parts over the internet, while initially the purchase price is often cheaper (and no GST to pay), the killer is freight costs which can easily double the final landed cost into New Zealand or other Non US destination . Many companies will not ship outside the US.  Also beware of companies that slug all international orders with a "processing fee" (easily US$20) on top of the freight cost!
Consequently the internet can be good for small and light items (especially if you order several items at once) but often unrealistic for a single inexpensive item or bigger heavier items, unless you can get a good slow freight deal from the supplier. Most orders are sent airmail, courier or air freight  automatically).

 Most of the US Mustang suppliers will send you a catalogue either free, or you may have to pay a small cost such as $8-12. Most take 6 weeks to 2 months to arrive by surface mail.

AMK Products

Location:  800 Airport Road, Winchester, VA 22602   Phone 540-662-7820  Fax 540-662-7821

Website:   www.AMKproducts.com

Comments:  Fantastic site for purchasing hard to get fasteners, either individually, or in kits or super kits that do an entire car! They also have quite a useful list of OEM Parts, do nice battery cable sets, as well decals, and some other hard to get parts.



Location:  Broadway, Virginia 

Website: http://www.autokrafters.com  

Comments: Good catalogue, free shipping, and you can order it on line.   Not tested to NZ.


Bob White Decals/Stang Graphics.

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Website: www.bobwhitedecals.com Bob White Decals.  www.stang-graphics.com Stang-Graphics.

Comments:  Suppliers of high quality graphics for later model Mustangs. 
. "I ran across Bob White Decals while searching for a stripe package for my 95 Mustang GT and also the Center molding stripe for my 87 GT.  The Ford license and 3M materials is what mainly attracted me to the site as I was looking for quality.  I have to say the Decals look as good now as when I bought them years ago. Stang-Graphics is a subsidiary of Bob White Decals and as such is also Ford licensed.
I purchased Bumper Inserts a while back from Mustang World...there was a noticeable difference in the vinyl as well as the cut.  I would compare it to the vinyl you can purchase in most Automotive Stores...not very pliable and almost brittle to the touch.  I ended up ordering from Stang-Graphics with excellent results".


California Mustang / California Muscle Parts

Location: San Jose, California

Website: http://www.cal-mustang.com or http://www.calmuscleparts.com/index.aspx

 Dec 2007: "I would not recommend this company to anyone wanting to purchase mustang parts. They processed and charged my order after I told them not to bother after I got to the end of the order and they were out of stock of some parts. I only found out they had shipped my order when I noticed the charge on my credit card, the freight charges were high and they did not confirm this with me prior to shipping as they promised, and to cap it off the order was missing a critical part needed to assemble the other parts I received. They donít return emails and the service is generally poor. I will only be dealing with New Zealand part suppliers in the future".
2. June 2008: New website, but it is NOT particularly user friendly to international orders, because it applies significant international order cost loadings that other companies do not charge (eg CJ Pony Parts). Wal Marshall


Colorado Mustang  

Location:   Denver, Phone: (303) 343-7024  Fax: (303) 343-4071,  For Orders call: 877-687-8864

Website: www.coloradomustang.com

" My name is Adam Dunning with Colorado Mustang. We have over 2,000 salvaged mustangs and some of the most knowledgeable staff in the country. We have been dealing and collecting mustangs and parts since 1972. We would like you to put a link to our website on your website. The site is low tech and built by me but it has cool pics of our salvage yard, which might be the largest in the world, and good stuff about shows and events we host and attend"

CJ Pony Parts  

Location: Harrisburg Pennsylvania

Website: http://www.cjponyparts.com

" CJ Pony Parts are brilliant. Sent me a free catalogue to start. So I tried an order. Parts took 10 days to arrive. (From the East coast of the US!) Reasonable prices and very efficient service for online orders. Dale Clothier" (March 2005)
2. I agree these guys are performing really well. Superb website with good search facility, and no problems with international orders. Their paper catalogue (and website) is really comprehensive, prices are good, and contains parts I couldn't find anywhere else. Ive recently placed three separate orders for hard to find parts and all arrived in about 7 days with no problems. Wal Marshall (June 2008 )
3. A recent order of $50 of parts that would have fitted in a $12 padded international envelope, and in spite of my specific instructions to send it by the cheapest method, was put in a large box and sent express courier for US$60. I complained.. no response. Wal Marshall (Dec 2009)
4. Recently I purchased parts for my 05 and 67-68 cars from CJ Pony Parts, one of the Reproduction parts arrived damaged in the factory packaging. I sent CJ Pony an e-mail with pictures and offered to post it back to them and get a replacement sent. They responded very quickly, within hours, saying keep the part and another is on its way. I have to say they were most helpful in my pre order stage also, even getting into stock a part they had never sold. Good on You CJ Pony Parts. Chris Fitzpatrick (April 2011).


Dallas Mustang

Location: Dallas Texas

Website:  http://www.dallasmustang.com
or http://www.dallasmustang.com/classicmustang

Comments:  Good website, well indexed,  prepared to ship internationally. Not tested.  


Mustangs Plus

Location: Stockdon, California 

Website: http://www.mustangsplus.com 

Comments: Good catalogue and good web site with great service reputation, and dedicated international shipping section.


Mustangs Unlimited  

Location: Atlanta Georgia, and Manchester Connecticut 

Website: http://www.mustangsunlimited.com 

1.   2007:  I have had some unfavourable service from Mustangs Unlimited.  Unfortunately they are in a habit of sending out incorrect amounts of goods, packing things into ridiculously large boxes with equally ridiculous shipping costs and goods just not appearing.  With the last note they did resend the item without any hassles."
2. 2008:  Good website, excellent images of the parts, and with several items I needed not listed by others. In early Aug, I placed an order for three items I needed urgently.  It took them a week to decide what the freight would be, and then I discovered all three items had been placed on back order.. none of which was proactively advised to me. Chasing them up I was advised the items "should be leaving by the end of the month!"..  All items eventually arrived, but instead of 2 weeks it was 6 weeks. Wal Marshall


Mustang Village,  Los Angeles

Location: 14693 Whittram Ave, Fontana 92335, LA ( just around the corner from the Fontana Speedway).

Website:   http://www.mustang-village.com/

Comments:  LA area "walk in" supplier of Mustangs parts.

1. " I was in LA and bought a 68' 302 Coupe. I needed some parts and after talking to a number of dealers in the LA area, Mustang Village was the best for selection of parts, price and availability. I called in three times to get stuff and dealt with a guy called Tom (who quoted parts and price and fitment out of his head)".


National Parts Depot (NPD) 

Location: Four Depots across the USA. 

Website: http://www.npdlink.com 

Comments: Claim to be the worlds biggest supplier of Mustang parts. Excellent free catalogue. Generally purchases are problem free, other than sometimes excessive freight costs. (eg small stickers sent in a cardboard box instead of an envelope!!)  (See also Steve Curle below



Pennsylvania Pony Parts 

Location:   2940 West 34th Street, Erie, PA 16506  Phone (814) 838-8153 or Fax (814) 836-9532

Website:     http://www.paponyparts.com/

1. "Found these guys surfing for bits for my 1965 ragtop, they were terrific, reliable very helpful. I highly recommend them. They had parts that California Mustang didn't have and they responded promptly to my E mails".


Quality Mustangs   

Location: Texas,  Phone: 972-849-8534  

Website: www.qualitymustangs.com

1. "  I have done a lot of web surfing to try and find someone who can supply original reconditioned FoMoCo products. I found a company called 'Quality Mustangs'. The owner Ray Azcue produces concourse quality 67/ 68 dash and door inserts + other products. Ray supplied me with a reconditioned 67 brushed aluminium heater control panel, something no one else could supply. He also offered to supply me with a reconditioned 67 centre console which I have been hunting high and low for. Ray is a really nice person to deal with and will also purchase original FoMoCo products from you to be reconditioned"  Matt Miles, Wellington, NZ: Nov / 2006.


Restore Mustangs

Location: San Diego 

Website: http://www.restoremustangs.com 

Comments: New entry company with no shop front ..exists only on the web. No paper catalogue, only an  online catalogue, limited but growing. Prices very competitive.



Location: Santo Texas

Website:  www.speeddirect.com

Comments: "Specializing in performance steering and suspension upgrades for classic Mustangs."
 Manufacturer of popular rack and pinion steering conversions for Classic stangs, the Vector Coil-Over suspension kits, plus other related parts.
2.  Go here for more comments and product info.


Steve Curle  (Agent for NPD )

Location: Los Angeles. 

Website:  http://www.kiwishipping.co.nz  Steves email is: Cobrakiwi@aol.com, or you can call him at 001 818 7182247. 

1. Steve Curle is a New Zealander living in Los Angles. He is an agent for National Parts Depot. "Steve came highly recommended by several of my friends, and my personal experiences of his help in shipping my Boss to NZ were excellent. Parts can come over by container and so Steve is a great option for larger and/or /heavier parts. Wal Marshall"


NON Mustang Specialists 

The companies listed below are non Mustang specialists, but who never-the-less have a useful inventory of Mustang parts, often at very competitive prices. Don't expect any knowledgeable help with a Mustang problem though!


A VERY comprehensive online parts warehouse with an excellent listing of Mustang parts and very easy to navigate . www.rockauto.com . NO international service fee, and excellent on line ordering system that automatically calculates the freight by various options "I recently ordered some spark plugs from the RockAuto website and they arrived three days later by Fed Ex freight free!!. I was amazed! Wal Marshall July 07"


If you are after second hand parts, it might be worth trying this site first: www.car-parts.com This is an interactive web site that searches the salvage yards across the USA. It not only searches, but will match any part with interchangeable ones automatically.




Found a good supplier? Had a bad experience? Pass it on so others can benefit!