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Mustang Parts Suppliers


Until 1999, Mustangs were never offically sold new in New Zealand. In spite of this most Mustang parts are relatively easy to obtain, especially early models (up to 1971).  This is partly because of a degree of commonality between some Australian manufactured Falcons and US Mustangs,  partly because the US Mustang parts industry is a multimillion dollar business, and because of the relatively large population of surviving cars makes parts reproduction very economic.

In fact, by "classic car" standards, the Mustang (early models especially) must be amongst the easiest cars to source parts for, and the determined seeker will find practically any required part either -

bulletNew or NOS (New Old Stock)
bulletOEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), 
bulletRemanufactured, (Repro) or 
bulletSecond hand / used.

There are now several specialist NZ Mustang Parts suppliers in New Zealand, even more in Australia, and a huge number in the USA.  (See links at top of page). Your "friendly" NZ Ford parts counter is not usually much help, although the 1999-2002 models (sold new on NZ) being the one exception). Occasionally Ford NZ will come up with an Australian Falcon part that will fit a Mustang, but most early Falcon parts are now considered obsolete by Ford NZ.

When comparing local parts suppliers with the international (internet) suppliers, experience is that local suppliers are excellent for parts needed quickly, (where they are in stock) and for bigger heavier/bulkier items. If you are not in a hurry, and the items are not large, ordering over the net can sometimes save you about 10-30%, especially if you order several items at once and save on freight.

For a listing of local and International parts suppliers click the links at the top of the page.