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Waikato Club Event Reports 2010

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Club Newsletters for 2010

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Sunday 28th February. Run to Matamata Tower Museum ,
Kaimai Cheese Factory Waharoa & Waharoa Aerodrome

We met at the eastern end of the main Street in Matamata around 11.30am and headed out to the Tower Museum approximately 20 cars. We spent an hour looking around the various buildings and some reminiscing the good old school days & Jail. They also had a photo display of the Kaimai Tunnel when they were building it and photos of the Kaimai plane crash. The tower was impressive and was built so that the owner could look across his 56,000 acres of land. He was the owner of the Flower Mill in Auckland at the time.

We then headed to Waharoa to have lunch at the Kaimai Cheese Factory and some sampled the various cheese they make on sight and a few wines. Our ponies certainly looked impressive parked on the lawn giving passer bys and other dinners a free car show.

Then Colin Reid took us up the road to visit the Aerodrome were a local makes his very own Mustang Planes. We had time to take a few pics of the muzzeys with their fellow flying name sakes.

It was great to see many new members coming along and participating in the club runs family and all including Grandparents mixing and chatting and enjoying a day
out in our ponies.  Thanks to Colin & Barbara for organizing a great fun day. Margaret Mold

Museum, Tower,  Lunch, Cars outside cheese factory.

Mustang Plane, Mustang and Plane, Cars outside Museum, Museum Grounds.

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