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Waikato Club Event Reports 2007

Stragglers Kustom and Classis car Display

A Sunday run for some club members to the Stragglers Kustom and Classic car Display, Lake Te Koutu Domain, Cambridge, in support of Autism. Ray


4 club cars enjoying the sunshine. Colin Johnstone happy winner of a spot prize.
What Stoney would have won if he hadn't of left early!!!


Bathurst: Sunday 7th October

Not a big turn out for Bathurst Day at the Te Rapa Tavern, but Tim put on a good lunch for those who did attend and as all Ford owners are aware Holden did'nt stand a chance. Ray


Pre Conference Test Run: Sunday 23rd Sept

Bugger !!!! where did I drop that dollar coin;      John's just checking that his jack works, Honest!!!!!!

  Waikato Mustang Owners Inc A.G.M. August 2007

Our A.G.M. was held on Sunday the 26th August at the Cosmopolitan Club here in Hamilton, we had 53 members attend with 14 mustangs present. Yes the Sheriff had a field day fining club members who didnít bring their cars, as well as the member who came in a Holden ! (I think we have a rule somewhere about bringing the club into Disrepute.. may have to bring this up at our Sept meeting, well maybe not!! 

It was nice to catch up with members from out of town who you donít get to see that often, and also see new members getting involved. Congratulations to Mark Dalton, Richard Johnston and Liz Gordon elected to the committee/ Secretary. It was Andy Dyers last job as Secretary, as she is standing down this year after spending three years as secretary of the club and as everyone agreed, has done a fantastic job, in fact she took out the Member of the Year award and well deserved it was too.

Congratulations to Robert Moore for taking the award for Best Club Car 2007 with his 1967 Notchback, Mike Mahoney for 2nd place with his 1966 Notchback & Nick Hall with 3rd place with his 1970 Boss. Club Participation Award went to Murray Stirling & Janine Evans. Dipstick Award went to Mark Dalton for a small incident at the Beachhop.

As two years as President I also am standing down and wish to thank all those who offered me assistance over this time, especially our Secretary Andy. I wish Colin and his team all the luck for the future, (which of course includes yours truly as Iím now a committee member)  Regards Ray.

These are the changes decided on the day.
Club President: Colin Bates 07 8540120
Vice President: John Overend: 07 8891651
Secretary: Liz Gordon: contact via 07 8540120
New Members Fee now $60.00 & Renewal of Membership now $50.00
Club Caps/ Window Stickers etc Contact is now Nick Hall

Left to Right: Wayne Bates, Kevin Mold, Margaret Mold, Mike Mahoney, Ray Mischewski, Richard Johnston, Merilyn Bates, Nick Hall, Treasurer, Mark Dalton, Colin Bates, President, John Overend, Vice President, Archie Stutt, Editor, & Liz Gordon, Secretary and our youngest member Kacie Gordon Secretaries assistant.

Andy past secretary & Ray past President looking for the EXIT +   Line-up of cars outside.


Mystery Run - July 2007

Story by Robyn Humphrey; Pics from Andrea Dyer and Ray Mischewski

It was a mystery to me on how I ended up being involved in the Mystery Run this year. I know I didn't win last year, Stuart & I were the last one's back. Ummmm, must have been a sign of things to come! Anyway, back to the run, and how I got involved. I kept asking my drinking buddy, Andrea, how is the mystery run planning going? Replies were mumbled and rather vague. After a few more drinks it seemed that Andrea was on her own with the planning, Kevin and the boys far to busy with school, work and sport. And of course, Andrea with ALL the spare time she has opted for going it alone. I must have been drunk cause there I was, putting my hand up in the air and saying "I'll help". After a few "good on yah mate" and a few more drinks we got down and serious about the mystery run.

That Andrea, I tell you, she comes up with some really good ideas from time to time and one of them was 'do as much planning as you can while yer at work'. Not in my chosen profession however! But that girl, she plotted the route and mapped it out WHILE working. A real multi-tasker! Our next meeting was to decide on the clues, having the route already planned, it seemed like an easy task, just drive around and follow the route and fill in the blanks.

It was like the Tui ad. YEAH RIGHT! Our first attempt had us running out of daylight, our second was much more successful, the added excitement of cruising in the little Ford Escort. Unusual for a Ford I know, but the little blighter kept stalling on us, which created some entertainment for passing motorists. Maybe two middle aged ladies are not meant to ride in a boy racer car! Anyway, back to the Mystery Run, and our second attempt at the clues and views. It really does pay to TAKE yer map with you when your planning, cause we got a bit lost, then found our way again only to lose a road or two that were on the map (we think) but evidently not on the earth where they should have been. We were totally confused BUT it sure created lots of laughs for us and lots of cruising heading a little bit like my life at the moment, (God knows where!).

We eventually sorted the clues and decided our next plan would be to take a complete stranger (or in our case, a mate) who has a sense of direction and our weird outlook on life along the route to tell us where we stuffed up. I know what your thinking, (how could you two very smart ladies stuff up?) I can't speak for Andrea but my past selection of partners would indicate that I can stuff up! Along the route we went, allowing our mate to complete the run and answer the questions. A local girl all her life, she found the run not too hard and completed it in a good time. Allrightee we said, what next! Andrea typed up the instructions, which looked fantastic, it was a visual display, very well done. My job completed until the day, all we could do was pray for a good day weather wise. Oh.....and that cars turn up to do it!

The day dawned, no rain! And nine cars showed up on the run, yippeee. We were late there, some muzzies already parked up. We soon sent them on their way with the info they needed. By the way, Ollie & Deb, thanks for the balloon but it was just too flat, Harry & Mike.....one would have done. The winners on the day were Di & Don Rankin, hehehe, your turn next year! Ollie & Deb Oliver were second (it was that darn balloon) and Owen & Laurie Elmiger were third. Harry & Mike drove my muzzie and won Hard Luck (having gone twice as many miles as everyone else).

We asked the teams to write a wee poem as part of the competition. I thought this one summed up the spirit of the whole day (well, it really made Andrea and I laugh actually).

Roses are red, Violets are blue, My Mustangs a heap of shit, I wish I had a Chevy too!    

Cars & club members at the Pirongia pub after the mystery run.


 Henry Ford Memorial Car Show, Hamilton, July 29, 2007.

Approximately 250 vehicles braved the weather to attend the 13th Henry Ford Memorial Car Show in Hamilton on July 29, 2007. The support we received was incredible. Cars arrived from Auckland, Bay of Plenty, and Taranaki - even though the rain was pouring down! What today has proven to us, is that the show should never be cancelled due to a little bit of rain. Special thanks go to the members from Taranaki Mustang Club for their outstanding support yet again, despite the atrocious weather! To the Waikato club members who volunteered their time in the rain today - the club wouldn't survive without you! You know who you are. Thanks heaps. Ray Mischewski, President

Dave and Kaye Brock, of Hibiscus Rodders, won Best Commercial with their classy 1948 Bonus.

Robert Moore, of the Waikato Mustang Club, won Best Mustang with his immaculate 1967 Mustang.

Jeff Rata, from Kawerau, took out Fairview Motors Sponsors Choice, with his gorgeous 1960 Starliner.

"We have travelled to Hamilton for the All Ford Day every year and have always enjoyed the day whether just looking at the Fords or selling at the swap meet or travelling in a convoy of Fords to put on show for others to appreciate. We remember travelling home the year before last in torrential rain and for a car that we never take out in the rain she performed wonderful. But sadly this year we were going to bring the 48 Bonus for the tour but the weather is against us before we even begin the trip so will have to stay home. I hope you all get a reasonable day out of it and will be keen to know how it all went when it's over. I have attached a pic for you. Cheers Christine and Peter Metcalf Kaitaia."