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Waikato Club Past Events 2006

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Raglin Run,  ?? ?? 2006.

Story and photos by Steve Oliver

Start time was 11am so we were late. We finally joined the rear of the procession as the last mustang with the Dyer clan bringing up the rear as tail end Charlie in their Galaxy after a wiring mishap put their muzzy out of action.

After an enjoyable cruise we arrived at Raglan 45 minutes later, where everyone parked up beside the rugby, soccer grounds, it was great to see so many club members and their cars out and about on a lazy Sunday. The locals were very quick to take a photo or 2 which hopefully is only a sample of what will be on offer come convention time. Some people brought picnics and sat down to enjoy while others ventured into town to sample the cuisine on offer.

After an enjoyable lunch of pizza we headed back to the park where some people decided to head home while John and Mary Overend, Ray and Rae Mischewski, The Dyer clan and Steve and Deb Oliver headed out to Manu Bay for some photos of the awesome views on offer. We finally headed home with Mrs Rae leading the charge making it into Hamilton at around 3:45 to round off a very enjoyable day.


Henry Ford Memorial Day, Claudelands Showground, Hamilton,
 30th July 2006.

Story By Robyn Humphrey,  Photos by Stuart Smith

We all knew how cruel the weather was to us last year, thigh gumboots and a row boat would have been great value, however this year the week leading up to the Ford Day looked promising. Could it hold out until Sunday though, the weather forecast said rain later in the day. We woke to a cold cloudy morning with fog and hoped that this year would be dryer. Arriving at Claudelands around 7.00 am, the sky a shade of grey, no rain and no wind, who could ask for more.

It was indeed cold, as we set up the barbeques, us ladies knew that we had the best spot for the day. Under the shelter of the canopy, and in front of warm toasty barbeques, facing out towards the main parking area, we wondered why we didn't place ourselves there last year. It certainly was the best spot, and having the coffee ladies and Mr Whippy right beside us it worked perfectly.

This year cars arrived a little later than last year so the crowds didn't come for a while, which enabled me the opportunity to see them arrive and park up. It never ceases to amaze me the quality of cars out there, and how many new cars are coming into the country still. We had a fantastic turn out of our own club cars as the pictures show you, we also had cars from Auckland Mustang Club, BOP Mustang Club, and those Taranaki boys never let us down, thanks for the support you guys.

There were various Fords, late model Falcons, Zephyrs & Zodiacs, Model A's, Model T's, Capri's, Escorts, Thunderbirds and many more. We would like to thank all the clubs associated with these cars, they all contributed to the 427 cars that displayed on the day. It was the first All Ford Day for our President, Ray and the support from past President, Margaret was invaluable. The day ran smoothly, and it was fantastic to see our newbie members supporting with various jobs, we had enough helpers on the BBQ to allow everyone this year to have a wander around and look at the display. The BBQ again was a success with nearly a complete sell-out (after restocking bread, sausages and sauce!).

We held prize-giving earlier this year and murmurs from the crowd might mean a permanent change in the timing as drivers from further afield appreciated the chance to head home earlier than previous years. The new winners certificates looked great, I heard someone saying it was better than a paper one. So, Andrea, who is enjoying her trip in the States, thanks for all your work behind the scenes prior to the day. It is always a good feeling to get this day behind us as there is a heck of a lot of work involved in getting it up and running, I know that Ray spent many hours along with others from the club to make improvements and allow the day to run as smoothly as it did. I have been told that Ray is looking at making more improvements for next year, so a big thank you for your hard work Ray, and to Mrs President who cleaned toilets, maybe next year you delegate!

               Waikato Cars             |    A very nice 67 Galaxie      

Ollie keeping a close (or is it closed eye) on the exit gate


Mystery Run, 18th June 2006

Story By Robyn Humphrey,  Photos by Stuart Smith

There was much talk about this years Mystery Run, could we trust those Jaffas to get it right and not lead us up the garden (or should I say motorway) path deep into the madness of downtown Auckland. I told them all "don't panic, that Nat was a local Huntly gal, she'll know how get it right". AND get it right Andy and Nat sure did. It was a most enjoyable mystery run, with plenty of fun things to do along the way (I'll explain a little further along the track) and lots of cryptic clues to keep us all guessing.

We were running late (whats new!) but upon arrival found that there was no hurry as everyone was catching up and getting last minute nibbles for the trip. After chit chatting it was time to jump in the car and head out on the run with the clues in hand. BUT, not only clues, several envelopes as well, mmmmmm, this looked like it could mean a bit of brain power was needed. Stuart and I started off ok (last years run was tense to say the least!), stopping for the golf balls was fantastic, what a great idea. After that things headed down hill for us. It was kinda hard to read the clues, look for the clues AND write them down as Stuart drove at the speed of sound. We missed a couple of answers, turned around but just gave up as we headed into the Waikato country side. The rest of the run was really hard-case, with having to stop in different locations to open envelopes that required a completion of a tasks (ever tried to draw a person scooping up doggy doos). It was very evident that a lot of thought went into the clues, tasks and the whole run which lead us around the back of Te Kowhai ending eventually at Woodlands for lunch via Candylands (plenty of sweet toothed people in our club!). We were the last car to arrive in for lunch (don't ask!), lets just say we got lost but that happens when speed is more important than reading!

It was time for some lunch, the venue being quite busy, unfortunately the weather was against us to sit outside where there was more space, but it was great to sit down and discuss clues, times and experiences along the way. It seems that Andrea has the ability to drive, read and write (those boys ARE younger than the rest of us!). After some teasing about driving skills and speed limits it was time to have Andy & Nat read the results. 3rd place went to Stuart & I (amazing really, when you think we hardly spoke to each other by the 4th clue!), 2nd went to Di & Don (well done guys) and 1st went to Andrea and the boys (fantastic effort, it's the young ones, they have the ability to see things as Andrea sped by, like playing play station, very good reflects or something!) and Andrea was first back (never broke the speed limit once....yeah right!). Well done Waikato Club and good to see new members joining in, hard luck to the Auckland guys especially Sly & Peggy. Many, many thanks to Andy & Natalie who did a top job with the run, it was really good, alot of fun, and we hope to see all of you back again next year. I know Andrea, and it will be fun too. It is always enjoyable having visiting club members from other clubs join us for a run. Cheers to all that made the day full of laughs. Our day ended with a coffee at the Dyers and a look at their Aussie holiday shots and videos of drags and Wintersun. Below are the stats for the Mystery Run.

70km, 10 teams.
Places...& Points....

10   J&P BARKER AK 42
7   T5'S AK 48

4   RAY & RAE 50
2   DON & DI 52


The start,     Jaffas,   Judges Andy& Natalie,    da winner Andrea Dyer


All Ford Day - Blake Park, Mt Maunganui

5th March 2006
Story By
Robyn Humphrey,  Photos by Stuart Smith

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we knew by 8.00am that we were not going to meet the others from the club at the bottom of the Kaimais. Luckily for us, a phone call from Andrea meant we were not going to be loners arriving late either! At least their hangovers were a more exciting excuse than ours, too dark in the mornings to move the stock (stubborn cows). With phone calls over and pathetic excuses excepted the club went ahead without us and we went about getting it right to meet Andrea, Kev and the boys at the Karapiro garage at the end of our road. We watched the Galaxie pull in, first clue that the new muzzies are still sitting at the wharf. All petroled up, off we went following the big red car to the Mount. A good run there, can't help wondering why we always seem to have a Mustang or two heading in the opposite direction when we are motoring to a run. Once we arrive we head around from last years possie towards the hill to park up with the rest of the crew. A better spot than last year guys, not sooooo loud. The day seem to show promise of sunshine and sunburn (last year we only had umbrellas and it was HOT), so Stuart and I put up our gazebo to protect everyone's skin. The day started out ok, but a cool wind prevailed and later on the gazebo was put down before it blew away. We had jackets and warm clothing on and off as the wind dropped only to return stronger. Anyway, enough of the weather, after a walk around the show (which seemed smaller than last year) we saw some very nice cars. Ray was judging best paint job, and there were some lovely cars. We had a great turn out, Barry with his Black Ranchero, Stoney with both of his driving muzzies (convertible being restored), Don & Di in their muzzie, Steve & Debbie in their muzzie, Willy won two prizes for his popular Lime Mustang (a real crowd pleaser), Ray & Rae in the magpie, Stuart & I, The Dyers in the Galaxie, John & Marie & Son, Elaine & Gary (great to see the car finished) and special mention (although not a member) must go to young grandson with his ultra cool (according to the younger generation) Angle Box. Although the weather turned and everyone drifted off for visits or for personal reasons, it was a great day, as you will see by the photos.