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Waikato Club Past Events 2005

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All USA Day - Tauranga

27th November 2005
Story and Photos By
Robyn Humphrey

The weather forecast for the weekend tried to put a dampener on the Sunday Run to Tauranga although the BOP Club were organised and had a wet weather venue arranged. But the skies cleared on the Sunday, so, apart from the wind we had one of our biggest turn outs in a while with about 11 Mustangs, 1 Galaxie, 1 Cadillac and Barry's 1BD BOSS. The turnout was impressive, and the cruise to Tauranga was pretty cool with the different American cars creating many admiring glances from passing traffic. We always seem to strike road works when heading over to Tauranga, no problems though, we appreciated the oncoming traffic slowing so no stone chips to our cars.

For our last run of the year the day turned out better than expected, and we once again received the trophy for Best Club Display. Andrea joked on handing it in that she would be back for it soon!! There were some beauty cars on display as you can see from the photos. Our Sheriff copped a fine or two for forgetting the sausages AND the BBQ, however BOP came to our rescue and allowed Colin to cook the meat we had on their BBQ. It was great to have our new members on the run, we will be hoping to see more of them at next years runs.

We finished the day with a cruise through to the Mount and a coffee at the Browns at Papamoa (thanks Jude & Stu). We all went our separate ways and cruised off home. Stuart was so eager to get on the road we lost him for part of the cruise home (he took the wrong turn or some excuse like it)!

What a nice Colour | The big pumpkin - very nice Barry | What a happy bunch  


National Convention 2005
20-24  October 2005
Story and Photos By
Robyn Humphrey

Day 1

Looking forward to this years Convention due to the fact that it wasn't a great distance to travel and the theme sounded like good fun wasn't dampened by the fact that the weather had been dreadful leading up to Labour Weekend and predictions didn't sound much better for the next four days. Several of our club cars had headed up to Auckland earlier in the day, so it just left us stragglers to catch up in the evening. We left Fairviews in the early evening and had a near uneventful drive (a slight detour at Huntly to admire the river and power station while we waited on Mr Dyer's discussion with a local man in blue about the virtues of keeping to the speed limit) heading in convoy for the Waipuna Hotel in Auckland. Upon arriving we only just made registration, thank goodness Nat & Andy knew use and waited, thanks guys. Once we unloaded the car, found our rooms and went down stairs to catch up most people had headed off to bed for the early start to the morning. After a quiet drink and short natter we all did the same.

Waiting at Huntly, day 1

Day 2

We awoke to rain which meant just being that little bit more organised so we could dry down the cars once we got to the show grounds. The Pres and first ladies car decided to play up, resulting in a no show at our display. Very sad as she is one of our nicest cars. Despite this it was a great atmosphere down at the grounds and everyone was most helpful and enthusiastic about the day. Some people hopped onto the bus to either shop at shopping centers or headed back to the hotel while the car show was on. But, Mr & Mrs Dyer headed back to Hamilton to get their bags that they had left behind (now there is a hefty fine sheriff!) As the day progressed the weather improved so it was a wander around the outside car park to see the cars that didn't go into the show and grab a longed for coffee. I thought that our club display was pretty good this year but it was out shone by other clubs that had very original ideas and larger displays! It was great to see the South Island Clubs participate and travel the distance. There were some very nice new cars we hadn't seen before and of course, new people to meet. Saturday evening was a casual dinner with the NPC final being a huge hit with the Aucklanders.

One of our winners- Willy van der Poel

Day 3

It was fantastic to wake on Sunday with the weather much improved allowing the 120 odd Mustangs to make their way to the Glenbrook Vintage Railway where you could ride the train and join in the games that the Auckland Club had organised. The BBQ  lunch was great and the weather held out (much to the Auckland Club members relief!) which made the games enjoyable for those that participated. The train ride was awesome, what a fantastic job they do at the facility. Sunday night was for dinner and prize giving. Allan Moffat gave a talk about his years racing Mustangs and happily signed autographs for club members. The dinner was really good and the entertainment great. It was great to see members getting into the spirit of the theme and dressing as cowboys, cowgirls, saloon girls and indians. Prize giving was started with lots of laughter when Kevin Dyer was announced as the winner of the Dip-stick Award. Well done Kev, we are proud of you. Prizes went to Margaret & Kevin Mold (2nd place in 69-70 Convertible), Mike Mahoney & Amanda Dickinson (3rd place in 64-66 Hardtop), Willy van der Poel (1st prize in 71-73 Mach1) and Nick Hall & Pauline Hendrikse (2nd place in Best Boss). Well done guys.

The Glenbrook Vintage Trains

Day 4

The last morning is spent enjoying a group breakfast which was superb, company was great too. Last chances for a catch up with members from afar and discussions about what to expect next year. Presidents made their speeches, a bit of cheek from our Ray, last minute prizes handed out and it was soon time to head back to reality and work. After male bonding and lots of knowledge shared the Magpie was up and running, so we convoyed towards Hamilton. Who's idea was it to head to the Lake for a coffee!! You got home Ray, thats all that matters, right! What a fantastic weekend, see you at the next one.

Waikato Club attendees.


Bathurst Day
Sunday 9th October 2005
Story and Photos By
Robyn Humphrey

With anticipation we gathered at Cryovac again this year hoping that Holden would get their just desserts. The racing was as lousy as the weather. It has been a while since I have barbecued in the rain, (oh yeah, thats right, it wasn't that long ago, Henry Ford Day!) and although that never put a damper on everyone's appetite it sure prevented us from gathering outside at all as the wind was cold too. I am not one of those that really gets into watching the racing, all I can tell you is that FORD didn't win. However it gave Ray the opportunity to discuss the parking plan for the Convention Car Display and for a few of us to plait rope and purchase last minute display items. There was a good club turn out, thanks to members providing nibbles and barbecue food, and to Mike once again for providing an ideal meeting place.

Not many Muzzies on display today!

Fathers Day Run to Meremere Drags
4th Sept 2005
Story and Photos By Ray Mischewski

Sunday morning and its nice and fine for the cruise up to the Meremere Drags, meet up with Colin, Merl & Wayne Bates, Brian & Heather and guests, John, Mary & Susan Overend. Waited on Stuart Smith coming up the rear, Robyn stayed home suffering badly from the flu, (not enough petrol fumes in your blood stream girl), and finally left at 9.20 am. Good trip up and as we approached the drag strip meet up with Ray & Sandra Bowater, Kevin, Margaret & boys. Pulled into the entrance just as the water truck had been over it, muddy road, drive slow and you won't get the car dirty. Not that it really matters.

Good turn out of 9 club cars and Colin's new Falcon as well. Three of the cars participated on the drag strip; members Ray Bowater in his 1971 429 super cobra jet, Burt Harrison in his 1972 351 convertible and Dolph Rasmussen in his 1969 Boss. Times for the runs ranged from 17.33 sec's to 15.04, so pretty good runs. What a gas, the smell of burnt rubber as they warmed up their tyres before each run, at times so much smoke you couldn't see what was creating it until the car appeared out of the smoke. One that sticks in my mind is the 1969 Valiant. Appearing out of the smoke and racing against a Pontiac, this 4-door sedan went like a rocket and left the Pontiac behind.

One of the club members was a little worse for wear from a hard night before and I think she just wanted to sleep, but with all the noise that wasn't going to happen, ah Andrea!

Anyway for a first time visit to Meremere drag for Rae and I it was a lot of fun and I'm sure we all enjoyed the day out, great Mustangs on the strip and nice ones parked up and a good show. We all slowly started to drift off late in the afternoon just a matter of getting out onto the highway and turning south. Plenty of traffic heading north in one very long queue not much going south so a good trip home, hope everyone else had an uneventful trip back as well.

Can't wait for next year. Rae said she would make a parachute for the pony so we can put it in the drags, yeah right!!!

Ray Bowater,                       Burt Harrison,         ?? But hot as!!

Club AGM 
Sunday 21 August 2005
Story by  Robyn Humphrey,  Photos By
Stuart Smith

This meeting was held at the Ohoupo Tavern (now known as Windy Ridge Cafe & Wine Bar), at 12.30pm followed by lunch at 1.30 pm. We had a lovely start to the day, meeting across from Hamilton East KFC, the sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky. What a change it makes to your mood when the weather is great, everyone looked ready for a cruise (it has been a while in good weather), so it was off to Ohoupo Tavern via Kaipaki. A short but nice drive, we had a very appreciative audience at our destination, happily watching while we lined the cars up, (and they did look good). There was the business side of things to deal with before food was served. Awards were presented, and office bearers/committee members to vote for. Listed below our new committee. The venue was nice, the meal was nicely presented and very filling. Another AGM over and done with for the year.

President: Ray Mischewski
Vice President/Sheriff: Colin Bates
Secretary/Treasurer: Andrea Dyer
Editor: Archie Stutt
Website Co-ordinator/Roving Reporter: Robyn Humphrey
Grant Sumner,   Barry Featherstone
John Overend,   Merilyn Bates
Mike Mahoney,   Robyn Humphrey
Nick Hall,   Kevin Mold
Jude Brown,   Wayne Bates

 The Venue                                 The New Pres!

Henry Ford Memorial Car Show 2005
Sunday 31 July 2005
Story by Margaret Mold, Photos By Alistair Davidson

The car show was well supported even though the weather forecast was gloomy. We had over 400 cars in attendance with a great range of old and new Fords. We also had a lot of public coming in to view the cars. Fairview Ford had a great display with the 2005 GT Mustang creating a lot of interest.  Chase Media Television was in attendance they are currently travelling around covering car events in local areas. Coverage will be on Prime and Maori TV soon. The weather closed in at lunch time so this unfortunately cut the day short. This lead to a wet prize giving.  Thanks to all the clubs that supported us and to Fairview Ford our sponsors.


Opal Hot Springs
May 21 & 22
Robyn Humphrey, Pictures Stuart Smith

On arriving, me, Kevin, Michael, Jared and our mate Mike, found the mood already set with Stuart and Robyn, Margaret and Kevin and Ricki and Sean, Colin and Marilyn, Jude and Stu, Rae and Ray, Ray and Sandra and friend, all having a catch up over a quiet drink. I hadn’t had any time to grab food and booze, so after Robyn and I took a quick trip back into Matamata, were ready to party. (Yeah, we cruised the main, a couple of times!)

Back to the hot pools and soon there was no space left on the covered picnic table. Thanks to all those present for the delicious dishes that were provided. So, with full bellies and wet whistles, we decided to take dip in the hot pools. There are three pools available - a hot one - a really warm one - and a cooler one. It was lovely in the really warm pool…(although the slide in the colder pool did call me, so Kev and I pushed in amongst the kids and had a turn or two).

Colin had a nice little underwater swim in the really warm pool, then read the safety notice painted in large letters on the wall and kindly informed all of us not to put our heads under the water…you know, to stop the bugs getting in your ears!….cheers mate!
The owners eventually asked us to vacate the pool area for the night after letting us wallow around way past their usual 9pm pool closing time.  Then it was back to the units to get changed and carry on the socialising, with some watching the Super12. Me….well, a good meal, a few drinks, a hot pool – yep I was asleep within about 10 minutes!

We awoke the following morning to terrible weather, so we had an absolutely scrummy shared breakfast. There was bacon and eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, toast, and Rae’s pancakes (now famous!) After vacating our units for the cleaners, we gathered in the conference room, where we could have a hot or cold drink….and yet again the table was covered with nibbles and cake. Chris Jeffs and kids arrived.

The committee members that were there for the car judging had a brief meeting, and decided that due to the atrocious weather, the vehicles that had made the effort to be present would be judged at the Henry Ford Memorial Car Show. We all left just after mid-day, some of us taking a trip via Morrinsville to take a quick peek at John and Mary Overend’s newly imported convertible. Really nice car guys, can’t wait to see it cruising!

So, even though the judging was postponed, it was an enjoyable overnighter with great company and great food and the Opal Hot Springs would love to see us back….and even mentioned they might make a paddock across the road available for a grasskana!


Mothers day Run
8th May 2005
Robyn Humphrey, Pictures Stuart Smith

The weather was not particularly welcoming on the morning of Mother's Day, however the turn out for this event was much better than last year. We had 7 mustangs, 1 GT Falcon and a Jappa, ending up with a grand total of 29 people for lunch. It was a great effort, especially as the day wasn't warm! The wander around the shops at Tirau wasn't as leisurely as expected, but it was nice to stop for a coffee and peruse the shops before heading to the pub for lunch. It was a shame that the pub owners didn't inform me of the renovations in the dining area as a warmer venue might have been found, but, when the sun did come out in the beer gardens it was quite pleasant. The food was ok for the price, the company being the best part of the day. Thanks to those that attended, see you again next year perhaps.

         Pub park up                Beer garden

The Beach Hop
28th April - 1st May 2005
Robyn Humphrey, Pictures Stuart Smith

What an anticipated event the Beach Hop is turning out to be. The numbers alone make it an event to look forward too, and again this year the numbers had swelled beyond belief! I must take the time to write what a fantastic job the organisers do, during the weekend they were cheerful and most helpful despite the problems that occurred. It mustn't be easy with the numbers of both participants and observers climbing at a remarkable rate. Anyway, on behalf of our club, well done Beach Hop People and the town of Whangamata, we will be back next year regardless of the problems that occurred for some of us!!!

It was the first year that we had arrived on the Thursday to participate in the Thunder Run held on the Friday (and now they tell me that there is a run on Thursday too, so looks like we will have to book a Wednesday off work next year). We enjoyed driving some laps on the Thursday night as the crowds had not yet reached that crazy stage and the number of cars was manageable, so lapping and watching cars arrive in town was a nice way to spend Thursday evening. The Friday run was from Whangamata heading north to the lovely beach settlement of Onemana. What a spot, which was made even more enhancing by the number of cars that were parked on the reserve along the beach front. We were parked up for about 2 hours and we still didn't get to look at all the cars there before they started heading back to Whangamata for the planned drive-in movie. Although we didn't participate in all the planned events, we love the atmosphere of the event and the chance to meet like minded people and see so many beautiful cars.

A huge thank you must go out to our club's resident hosts, who once again opening their home to us all for barbq's and nights of laughter, so Rae & Ray, "cheers guys, it is always a pleasure to be in your company, thanks". The thanks also must go to those members who supplied their home for dinner and coffee's too, thanks Mary & John. Despite having our fun cut short on the Saturday evening, (all rumours are untrue, it wasn't US!) sitting back and having a laugh was just as much fun. May I suggest that one of the major problems occurred during the weekend was the terrible service provided by Telecom, they MUST improve their service in this area regardless of the inconsistency of mobiles in the area during the year. I think I can safely say, most of us will be back next year and will be looking forward to the changes needed to make the weekend an enjoyable event as it was in previous years.

Cars arrive Thursday;  Stoney looking busy!;  What a beauty!;  Club park-up at Rae & Rays


Pukekohe: V8 Supercars.

Sunday 17th April 2005
Story Robyn Humphrey, Pictures Margaret Mold

Although it was not an official club run, we were proud to have two of our club cars represented at the V8 Supercars held on 17th April 2005. There were 36 convertibles in total what an awesome sight. Below are the pictures taken on the day.

 Wayne Bates in Merliyns convertible, escorted Steven Johnson around Pukekohe for the drivers parade before the main race on the 17th April.

Margaret Mold escorted Brad Jones around Pukekohe track for the drivers parade before the main race.

Wahi Beach Run
Sunday 10th April 2005
Story Robyn Humphrey, Pictures Stuart Smith

As usual this time of the year we were running late to join our club in Hamilton, even our attempt to take a short cut, driving at excess speeds didn't help in us being able to catch up with the convoy of cars heading to Bowentown. Luckily for us Kevin and Margaret had to head back home for something, and we made a convoy of our own through the Gorge and on to Wahi Beach towards Bowentown. I did say to Stuart, don't feed the cows, they look like they could sustain a day of not eating but I was told I was beginning to sound like a cow! Anyway, we made it at last and the sight of a few mustangs already parked up was well worth being late for.

There was, at a count I think about 23 cars, maybe more as some people arrived late and left early. Anyway, it was a fantastic turn out and thanks to the Auckland Club and the Bay of Plenty Club for their contribution to a great day. Once again we were at a location I had never been to, what a beautiful spot but by the look of the houses up on the hill, a tad expensive real estate for us! It was like a mini convention, catching up with members of the clubs that were there and chatting about future runs, new purchases and importing more American Classics.

The Beach Hop was on the agenda for most people, so another great weekend to look forward to. The most riveting moment of the day for me had to be when a gentleman approached Barry to ask if he could take a picture of his dog by Barry's car.....the look on Barry's face was priceless.....and as it being a dog, it looked like a small horse! He was told not to get the dog too close to the car, wise move I would say Barry, you wouldn't want that giant cocking his leg! The weather was lovely and everyone enjoyed a laid back day and the last of a summers day. Once again, Auckland and Bay of Plenty Club's, it was a great day, lets do it again.



6th March 2005 Blake Park Mt Maunganui
Story Robyn Humphrey, Pictures Stuart Smith

We may have had a slow start, or should I say a late start to this run but we all eventually met up at the bottom of the Kaimai's for the collective cruise to the 'Mount'. Running late didn't make much of a difference as on arrival the Auckland Club had to give way to us as we pulled into Blake Park. We scored ourselves a pretty spot-on parking area, close to all those important facilities, loos, ice cream van, food, and the stage (hoping to pick up a prize!). The cars were parked up and we went about putting up our flags and polishing the cars, adding the sashes and catching up with each other before the important job of wandering around checking out everyone else's pride and joy. There was indeed some really nice cars on display, and it never ceases to amaze me how many new (old) cars we see at these type of shows. There are still a lot of American cars being imported into the country, something that will ensure the success of Clubs holding All Ford Days. We spent some time looking about the show and chatting to other club's members along the way, but boy, was it hot, the only thing our great parking spot needed was some shade! Rae to the rescue with umbrellas.....I think the club needs to invest in a gazebo so that we don't lose to many members to skin cancer!! The heat meant that most of us were just content with sitting in the shade and chatting amongst ourselves, having a spot of lunch and lots of cold water to drink. Congratulations to Paul Hicks on receiving a prize for his awesome car, not bad for your first run in your restored 68' Fastback. Thanks to those that attended: Ray & Rae, Grant, Paul & Maree, John, Andrea & Kevin & boys, Stoney (who had two cars there, sorry Stoney, don't know your mates name), Chris and of course Stuart and I.

           Club cars,              Aerial View,           Stuart wants these,     But I want this one!


Run to Opal Hot Springs & Holiday Park

 20th February 2005

Story Robyn Humphrey, Pictures Stuart Smith

 Surprise! Surprise! We have come across another hidden gem right on our doorstep. With two club cars leaving KFC, Hamilton East, meeting me at Karapiro we cruised at a leisurely pace to Matamata. Stopping to purchase our barbecue grub it was off to the Opal Hot Springs Pools to meet up with Grant & family, Margaret & Kevin and the crew from BOP Club. Arriving at Opal Springs didn't give anything away at the gate, but once you park up and check out the facilities it was plain to see that Opal is indeed a jewel. It was another scorcher Waikato day so the promise of a dip in the pools was welcomed by many. After the initial catch up and look over cars we walked down to the pools and those wanting a swim did so. The pools area is ideal for both the kids and the BIG kids as our photos will show. A few of us chose to sit in the shade and watch, but the smell of someone's barbecue got the better of us, so we packed up, and back to the designated area of parking we were given (which was much appreciated and thoroughly appropriate for classic cars) to prepare for a feast. A couple of barbecues were waiting for us, and an indoor games room was available for the children as they became bored with the conversation. The meat was soon on the barbie and we sat relaxing in the sun with a coldie yarning about past and upcoming events for both clubs. A steady stream of onlookers came through to admire the cars and one of our club members had fun with a group of children, every time they approached his 69, he would switch his alarm on from the keys in his pocket.....much to their delight, there was howls of surprise from the children and we had quite a laugh with them once realised they were not the culprits. Good one Kev! Once our food was consumed and a cold one emptied it was off the powder room and a look around the facilities. What a fantastic place, great camping area and cabins, even a conference room. We checked out the prices and amenities, could make a great over night trip, oh, it also has a golf course right next door! As the relaxing afternoon progressed, those members with obligations left as they saw fit and the stragglers sat and commented on a wonderful day spent, the need to combine an event again and which ice cream was needed to finish the day. As I pulled away (yes guys! I got to drive the muze all on my own!) heading home in my direction the rest of our club turnout headed home via Mustang Alley for a look at the cool new premises and one of Lydia's coffees. Thanks to the BOP Club Members for an enjoyable afternoon of laughter and great company. We are looking forward to our next meet, especially the guys, something about grass wasn't it?!

BOP crew (1-3),
Rae, Andrea, Margaret having a dip (4), Relaxing catch up, (5) Your hand is out of your pocket now Kev! (6)