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Waikato Club Past Events 2004

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Waikato Club Xmas Do!

December 3rd 2004

Story Robyn Humphrey, Pictures Stuart Smith

We were looking forward to our night out with the club to celebrate xmas and the end of a great years cruising in our 71 Mustang.  What a year we had, starting with the Great Pony Run to celebrate 40 years of these wonderful cars, ending with a fantastic cruise heading down to this years Convention in New Plymouth. And many fun filled months of cruising with the club in between. So, as we heading out the gate at Karapiro towards Te Awamutu we had no idea our cruise was going to make us the last club member to arrive! Our cruise wasn't as smooth going as we had wished and we did wonder if we were going to make it at all. Our car surged and spluttered, at times I thought it was going to just stop all together. The thought of being stuck on the side of the back road between Cambridge and Karapiro while the others were getting in the Xmas spirit (not the JD Andrea) singing "I saw Mumma Kissing Santa Claus" was too much to bear (resulting in me having to pour myself another wine). But we did make it and sorry guys that we were late! Everyone was just sitting down as we pulled up so we just missed out on the general chit chat before eating began. The meal was truly superb with a great variety to select from, the traditional and other choices too. The quiz given by Margaret was a great idea and maybe another one for Taupo would help everyone get to know a bit more about each other and it certainly can cause some laughs. It was a great opportunity to catch up before the mad rush of Xmas and New Year and to see some members who don't make it to meetings or runs often. I decided to enjoy myself as I wasn't sure if I would be pushing the car home or having to hitch a ride! A cruise at the end of the night thru Te Awamutu gave the locals a bit of a thrill, then it was home kangaroo jerking all the way. We discovered later that we had a distributor problem that was easy fixed (thank goodness).


2004 Annual Mustang Convention
Taranaki Mustang Club, New Plymouth
Labour Weekend  22-25 Oct

Story Robyn Humphrey, Pictures Stuart Smith

The 25th Convention held in New Plymouth over Labour weekend was a first for a few club members like Stuart and myself. Just the thought of cruising down the line with the other nine mustangs from our club was cause for our initial excitement. It sure did bring back the memories of our four days on the 40th Pony Run. But, that proved to just be the icing on the cake, the weekend was to provide all the right ingredients for any mustang owner to be in seventh heaven. And that's how I would describe the weekend for us, "we thought we had died and gone to heaven" seeing and being a participant in the fantastic weekend the Taranaki Club put on for us all.

Day One

Our club did not have a smooth run down to the Convention, despite the great weather, several of our members had various problems with their cars, but after a few hours and generous help from local people where breakdowns occurred, we all managed to pull in to our respective hotels by mid afternoon. The funniest thing that we did all see was one Mustang heading in the other direction as we headed south, (I hope they realised that heading North was a big mistake!) After unloading the cars and wandering the streets to get lunch, the serious job of cleaning and grooming the car began. It would have had to have been the best wash our car has ever had, and she sure looked impressive in my eyes, even for just a 'display only' car. Of course I would have loved to have helped more but someone had to watch all the other clubs arrive, the memories of the Pony Run kept resurfacing! It was really great to catch up with those familiar faces we had met previously earlier on in the year. The evening was spent finding a place to have dinner and catching up with a drink or two. Briefing was held, and thanks must go to the Taranaki Sponsors who provided all the goodies in our buckets and was great to see the children accommodated for too! It was an indication at this time of the share volume of people that were participating at the Convention.

Day Two

The Waikato Club was the first club to enter the stadium Saturday morning to set up for display, so this meant an early waking for us and organising of our cars in the order that we wanted to display them. Thank goodness the weather held out as I could only imagine the horror of trying to organise this event with the volume of vehicles in the dry, let alone during rain! But the buzz was infectious and everyone from the Taranaki Club were helpful to novices like ourselves. We went about setting up our Club display, everyone gave their car another shine, and it was upstairs for a hot drink and to watch from the stands as the other clubs parked their cars. It has been said that there was ten million dollars of cars on display, and I can tell you, the photos do not do the cars justice, there were some BEAUTIFUL Mustangs on display. And when we got sick of looking at them, there was a bus (or, in my case, a nice shiny red 69) to take us back to our Hotel or in to town for a shop! The Taranaki Club must have friends in higher places as the weather held out to just about the end of the show, but by then it was ok, approx. 7000 people had gone through the doors to see and enjoy what we all love. The evening was a chance to relax, have a game of ten pin bowling and a meal was provided. I am sorry to all those Wellingtonians, Canterbury kicked butt that evening (a chance for some good natured rivalry!)

Day Three

Sunday morning wasn't such an early rise, so upon opening the curtains we were disappointed to see that the fog looked like Prince Charles, thick and wet!! It was only my second visit down the 'Naki', so was looking forward to a closer look at the mountain and the countryside. Never mind, I thought, there is 121 Mustangs to cruise with. As per briefing, it was off to the car park at the Stadium to all meet before the trip 'round the mountain'. Even watching the cars arrive in the fog was awesome, Stuart made sure we were there early so we could watch most cars arrive, phew, there was a few of them. The best looking car on the run was the one with the white ribbon, for those of you that didn't know, Nat & Andy from Auckland decorated their convertible up as a wedding car! It was a wet foggy drive part of the way, the fog clearing as we approached Hawera where we stopped for lunch. The Furlong hotel was bursting at the seams on our arrival (I told you the numbers were HUGE!). Sorry Nat, I just couldn't get my hands on a fluffy pink bridesmaid dress in time, but the ceremony was still very special just the same!! The drive home was wet and YES guys, that was me driving home, it does happen occasionally! It was back to the motel, for a bit of a rest before we got into our hippie gear and 'had a bad acid trip maaaaaaaaaaannn'. Our group picture shows what a great effort everyone went too, I reckon we all looked awesome, some older members really pulled off the old hippie look (even without their costumes) and I guess that would be because they WERE around during that era! The evening meal was really good, and presentation of prizes was a real eye opener, some tips were noted for when it is our turn to run the convention in 2007.

The list of winners from the Waikato is:

1964 1966 Notchback 1st.    Mike Mahoney & Amanda Dickinson Waikato
1969 1971 Boss         2nd.    Nick Hall & Pauline Hendrikse Waikato
1969 1970 Mach 1      3rd.    Tony & Lorraine Palmer Waikato

Best Personal Display Ray & Rae Mischewski Waikato

We are all proud of you guys, and the whole team can pat themselves on the back for the Personal Display, a great effort.


Day Four.

I awoke Monday feeling a little sad, who wants to go back to work and everyday life after a weekend spent with great people and beautiful cars, sigh..........but that of course is what was ahead of us all. The farewell breakfast was delicious, it was a chance to farewell acquaintances and new friends, swap phone numbers and talk deals one last time before the trip home. A farewell speech from each President was said, thanks Margaret, and a chance to thank Taranaki for a HUGE job well done, it was a wonderful Convention and I can safely say we all enjoyed it. It was farewell to Ray & Rae as they headed further South for some family catchin up, and off in convoy again up North homeward bound, which in our (the club) case wasn't plain sailing. It just wasn't going to be our trip, with a few breakdowns and slight mishaps along the way. At least the weather was great (got a little look at that Mountain as we headed away from it!) and we all made it home safely to live another day to cruise in our 'Stangs next trip. Thanks guys, it was an awesome weekend with you all, looking forward to Auckland.


AGM Paeroa - Sunday 15th August 2004
Robyn Humphrey 

We all meet at the Hamilton East KFC, and headed off to Paeroa on a typical Waikato wet day. The weather was horrid, wet and windy and cold to boot. Thank goodness the venue was inviting and warm, both in atmosphere and service. After parking up and heading in to the Ohinemuri Club in the wet, it was time to get a drink and catch up with the club members that arrived for the AGM. The venue was pleasant and the staff were fantastic, very obliging and cheerful on such a miserable day! It was down to business, the meal was very enjoyable and I over-heard many saying "what a great feed", thank you to those staff members at Paeroa's Ohinemuri Club which should be made as famous as the big bottle of fizz!

Once lunch was over, we got onto the business of the AGM, resulting in Margaret Mold re-elected as our President, Nick, (standing down as our Secretary), to be replaced by Andrea Dyer, and many nominations for committee members. All updated information will be in our next Club Newsletter. A BIG thank you must go to Nick for the wonderful job he has done over his period of office. Great to see Margaret there, Andrea in support and a bigger committee than in the past. Some wonderful new ideas came out in the meeting and I am sure over the next few months they will come to fruition.

The results of our Club Show Day were also announced, with the results being:

Club Member of the Year: Andrea Dyer
Club Dipstick Award: Grant Sumner
Best Car 3rd Place Nick Hall
Best Car 2nd Place Mike Mahoney
Best Car 1st Place Tony Palmer

Editors of our Club Magazine stayed with Archie and Jeanette Stutt, who do a fabulous job; may they never resign! A very pleasant afternoon, with a great turn out of members and support offered by club members for the upcoming year.

 Its warmer inside, A social Outing, Nice meal great company, Tony's the man, The dipstick.

10th Annual Henry Ford Memorial Day - 25th July 2004
Robyn Humphrey and Archie Stutt

We were blessed with the weather on Sunday 25th July, although the frost caused a few minor problems for the BBQ crew, it made for a fantastic afternoon, dry and almost had a spring feel to it. I had the privilege of being part of the BBQ crew so wasn't terribly aware of all of the goings on of the Ford Day (hence the delay in this report being posted), so will share this report with Archie Stutt who was involved in the finer details.

According to Archie, there was a turn-out of approx 420 cars in total, with a good mixture of models and years. The BBQ crew positioned ourselves in a great spot to view the cars arriving, however as our heads were down with the continuous demand for steak sandwiches and hot sausages we missed approx 400 of them!

The Model A car owners provided a visually spectacular display and dressing in period clothing of the time really looked the piece and deserved the "Club Display" prize for their efforts. Just a thought fellow Mustang owners, perhaps it is time to start dressing according to the age of your car! I can see a few of our Club Members dressed as hippies or disco kings/queens! It was really impressive to see so many Waikato Club Members have their cars on display also, 28 in total I was told. As a fairly new member to the club it is the most I have seen on display since I joined.

When the food ran out I had the opportunity to have a quick look around, and chat with other neighbouring club members who drove quite a distance for the day. Everyone was having a good time and enjoying the fine weather and varieties of Ford vehicles. And it appears that the Swap Meet is becoming a popular extension of this annual event. Many thanks must also go to Fairview Motors for their sponsorship. A congratulations must also go out to our club member Ray Mischewski, for winning the "Sponsor's Choice" award. Well deserved. Many thanks to those Club Members who worked hard on the day and those that worked behind the scenes prior to and on the day.

Picture titles: (All pictures courtesy of Stuart Smith)
1. Fords, Fords and more Fords! 

2. Do we look happy in our work ?
3. Great Club turn out!
4. We thought our display was pretty good too!!! (Ladies Capri club branch of WMOC!)

Sunday June 27th 2004 : Mystery Run
Robyn Humphrey

We meet at Bridge Street Car Park, all cars on time but us! After a slow start it was all go following the clues on the map handed to us by the organisers of the route, Chris and Julie Dance. Many thanks to them both for a job well done. The turn out was pretty good and once again the Auckland Club supported us with several cars turning up. Great to see the guys from further up the line joining in and have a good yarn and catch up at the end of the run.

I found from a personal point of view that it may not be a great idea to participate in one of these runs with your partner, especially if you both think you are right! However, I must admit I did not read ahead too well and missed a couple of vital clues resulting in a bit of back tracking!! But we were lucky as the run was thru our home turf and we knew our way around that district rather well.

The run went well with a few vehicles participating as we did (we weren't the only car to be seen going in the opposite direction!) and we ended up at the Early New Zealand Museum just out of Tirau. Time for a spot of lunch and cuppa and the opportunity to look around this fantastic museum which is a real tribute to the Settlers of Early New Zealand, particularly the Waikato. I really do recommend a return to this place, as the weather was a little wet and dismal which contributed to every ones desire to head home.

The winner of the event was Mike Snell & Suzanne Eklund-Snell. Second was Stuart and I (just a fluke) and third place went to Andrea Dyer and her mates. A lot of fun, (a few blue words in our car), and a lovely venue which deserves a return visit during the spring/summer months.



Sunday 23rd May 2004: Waikato Car Club Show and Annual Judging
Robyn Humphrey

Held at Cryovac, 10.00 am. Although a few cars were late, us included, it gave everyone time to get the cars ready and present them for judging. A catch-up time allowed members to chat while the women sorted out the lunch and cuppas while the guys went around admiring each others cars. Thanks to Mike, for the great facilities available to us which allowed the whole family to be present. Plenty of toilets, shelter and even a TV to watch while everyone got down to the important stuff. It was a great chance for those club members who have never showed a car or know how to judge, to learn about what is expected and how to present their car. We shared a pot luck lunch which, (thanks ladies) was superb. There were plenty of hot drinks as the day was chilly with a cool wind.

During lunch we watched videos of past conventions which was really interesting; a chance to see some club members in a different light!! The day also provided some new members with the opportunity to catch up with the older members and to meet partners and wives not yet met. With judging completed, it was back inside and time to warm up again with a hot drink and more chatting. The results will be announced at the AGM.

Those that attended were: Andrea and Kevin Dyer, Jeanette and Archie Stutt, Grant Summers, Robyn Humphrey and Stuart Smith, Bruce and Angela Dreadon, Margaret and Kevin Mold, Mike and Amanda Mahoney, Nick and Pauline Hall, Tony and Lorraine Palmer, Chris Jeffs

9th May 2004: Mothers Day Run
Robyn Humphrey

We meet in Hamilton East, the run was out to Karapiro on a fine crisp May morning. On approach it was apparent that it was not going to be a large convoy this run. Three cars consisting of ourselves, Andrea and number one son, Colin, Marilyn and their daughter headed off for a leisurely cruise out to Karapiro. As it was our home turf, we lead the way and Andrea was tail end Charlie! We had decided on heading out to The Boatshed at Gorton Road, Karapiro as that was meant to be the meeting place (just in case someone was there from the club waiting). On close inspection of the parking area this wasn't so, the place looked pretty full of mothers having brunch so we offed it to Lake Karapiro and the coffee shop that over looks the lake. Ah ha! A well hidden gem with an awesome view. Plenty of parking here, just the right size for a classic car, we parked up and went inside for a pit stop. We enjoyed a coffee and a chat before heading back over the dam and through Cambridge to Hamilton. Next stop was Archie and Jeanette's for a BBQ and few drinks (for the non driving mothers) where Nick joined us. Andrea went and picked up the rest of her brood and we all enjoyed some great steaks cooked by Nick. A wonderful time was spent looking at all the Memorabilia that Archie & Jeanette own, even purchasing a few pieces. The day was mild, the atmosphere was good and Archie & Jeannette have the best set up for entertaining. As Arnold said "I'll be back!"

                 "That's what I call Mustang size parks!"          Archie and Jeanette's:    


23rd-25th April 04, Whangamata Beach Hop
Robyn Humphrey

Although this was not an official Waikato Club Run, it was such an awesome event it needs to have a mention on our club site. If you have never been to one of these Beach Hops, let me say, GO! Last year Stuart and I went, not really knowing what to expect and we were blown away by the amount of cars and the variety! This year was a far better experience because we went in our Mustang. We were not able to get down there in time for the run on Friday but spent Saturday and Sunday joining in the planned events and JUST cruising amongst the Cadi's, Plymouths, Hot Rods, Harleys, Fords, Chevy's and of course MUSTANGS! We caught up with Club Members, Kevin & Andrea and boys, Ray & Rae, Margaret & Kevin and boys, Grant, Bruce & Angela and Archie during the weekend, enjoying hospitality from Ray & Rae for a bar-be-que Saturday night which was alot of fun and many laughs were shared. We particularly enjoyed the Saturday night cruising, doing the laps, Waikato Cars well represented by Stuart & Robyn, Grant, Andrea & Kevin and Ray & Rae spurned on by our President who stood in the centre plot, bottle in hand urging us to burn it up!! A fantastic display of Classic Cars, Bikes and Hot Rods, 50's music, petrol heads & deeep throaty V8's was experienced the entire weekend. A great way to raise money for a worthy cause and to share the love of cars with people from with out New Zealand. As I said, if you have never been before, go next year, you will NOT regret it.

All Ford Day - Manukau City: Sunday April 18th 04
Robyn Humphrey

We all meet at Fairview Motors at Ta Rapa around 8.30 in the morning. Those Club members that attended were Ray & Rae, Andrea & girlfriend, Archie & John, Brian, and Stuart & Robyn. We set off for Auckland in convoy with Ray leading the way. Was advised by Rae that there would be no magpie behaviour this trip so smooth cruising was ahead. Unfortunately, no magpie behaviour but a impromptu detour (not because we didn't know where we were going!) took us past the venue and towards the airport. A quick chat and back through to Ford Headquarters where we all parked up and erected our new Waikato Club flags. Some of the crew decided that shopping with the Auckland Club women was a much better option than car viewing (Manukau Mall was only down the road!), so as a few departed the rest got on with some serious car viewing. It was a great chance to catch up with the Auckland Club and to view a variety of cars. Brian Varley from the Waikato Club won a prize in the section he was entered in. A great day was had, the weather was good and the shopping was fantastic too!


The American Classic Car Club Annual Pokeno Run - Sat 4th April 04
Robyn Humphrey

A good Club turn out for the annual run to Pokeno. After a few late starters we all managed to gather together at the Pokeno meeting area where a range of Classic American cars were parked. A leisurely cruise out to Les Batkin Reserve where we all enjoyed our picnic lunches, light refreshments and a walk around the cars that were parked up, consisting of classics and hot rods. Unfortunately the weather turned against us with the odd skiff coming through. It was our very first chance to show our new banners and they looked very professional blowing in the wind. I do recall alot of drooling over a 429 ' 71 MACH 1' . A group decision to extend our cruise out to Port Waikato for a look was enjoyable although the wind put an end to any ideas of a pleasant beach walk. So, back to Pokeno for an ice cream and a chat before we all departed for home. A great Club outing, and very cool cars to boot. Those that attended were:

Kevin & Andrea Dyer & boys, Kevin & Margaret Mold & boys, Ray & Rae Mischewski, Barry Featherstone
Colin & Merilyn Bates, Barry and his 70 convertible. Ray & Sandy, Stuart & Robyn

Pokeno line up + What the boys were drooling over.

Great New Zealand Pony Run : Tue 30th March
Robyn Humphrey

Between the 29th March and 9th April a few Waikato Club members were lucky enough to have been part of the Mustang 40th Anniversary Celebration Run. During this time members of our club took part in the run which ran from Kaitaia to Bluff with stays in many cities and towns through out New Zealand. The Meremere to Hamilton leg was supported by Colin, Mike and Amanda, Archie, and Barry with great foresight in detouring due to road works. The rest of the Waikato leg was supported by Ray, Andrea and Kevin who also did some detouring of their own! These members along with Stuart and Robyn, Bruce and Angela competed in various legs of the run from Kaitaia to New Plymouth. A great time was had by all and many lasting friendships were made. We will keep you all posted on the progress of talks in celebrating perhaps 45 or 50 year anniversaries. Below is just a sample of the many photos that were taken during this event. (In-depth coverage of this whole event is located on the site here).


Sunday 22th Feb 2004
Club Run to Raglin

(Pic Archie)

Club Stangs line the pavement at "Vinnies" Restaurant, Raglin

Senior Citizens Tour - Sunday 15th Feb 2004
St Joans Hospital

Robyn Humphrey

Along with the American Classic Car Club, 1 lone Hot Rodder, the Waikato Mustang Club combined to make some of our Senior Citizens days sunnier. Lots of happy smiling faces were to be seen cruising around Hamilton streets on Sunday 15th of Feb. It was great to see some of our members give their time and cars up for this occasion. Appreciation was shown by staff providing a lovely afternoon tea. As a result of the interest raised it is hoped we can make this an annual event. Much thanks must go to Archie who also provided the pictures below.


Convoy at Flagstaff; Cars at St Joan's Hospital; Archie's 98 yr old friend - The reason for the Run.

Archie and Jack newspaper coverage 22 Jan 04.(Archie)