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Wals 1969 Boss 429: "BIG BOS"

For a complete set of photos go to the bottom of this page.

This was the real deal. A genuine factory built 1969 Boss 429. Original and full matching numbers.

These are one of the most desirable and sort after collector cars you can find. There were only two of these 1969 model Boss 429's in NZ when I owned it.
Go here for a little more general background information on the incredible Boss 429.

My car had only 4 owners, and until I bought it and imported into NZ in May 2003, it had spent all its life in Arizona.  The previous owner had the car for 25 years, during which time it was rebuilt mechanically from end to end including front suspension. Total mileage when purchased was only 63,000, and to the best of my knowledge the car still had its original interior, including seat belts. While it had been fully maintained (using NOS parts wherever possible) it had not been subjected to a full restoration. (After all, they are only original once.) Everything worked, including the clock and the original AM radio, and the trunk still had the original space saver spare wheel which had never been on the road).

One of the heads from this car, photographed during the engine rebuild. Big breathing!!

I maintained the car in fully drivable condition, and was one of just two Mustangs that completed the 5,000km round trip Kaitaia to Bluff in the Mustang 40th Anniversary in 2004. (Go here for more information on this fantastic event The car sported the event registration ID sticker # 001).  These cars have huge power and torque for fantastic acceleration, however they also sit solidly on the road with handling that is better than any other big block Mustang of the era.  

NZ show prizes to Sept 2004 were 2nd place Boss at 2003 National Mustang Convention, and peoples choice Wellington All Ford Day 2004.

  Factory Plate Data

KK #:1852 (Numbering started at 1200 so this is the 652 Boss 429 produced by Kar Kraft)

VIN: 9F02Z198748
9 = Year = 1969
F = Plant = Dearborn
02 = Body style = Sportsroof
Z = engine code = Boss 429
198748 = Consecutive Production number.

Door Tag: 63B M DAA 23E 892001 V 6
63 = Body style = Sportsroof
B = Interior trim = Luxury Décor Group
M = Exterior Colour = Wimbledon White
DAA = Interior colour = Black comfort weave
23 = Day of production = 23 rd
E = Month of production = May
892001 = Order Number
V = Rear axle = 3.91 Equalock (Traction loc)
6 = Transmission = 4 speed close ratio.

Not so good...

Air cleaner snorkel was missing, and exhaust extractors were fitted (worth 30 bhp) : (I acquired a set of standard cast iron manifolds but never fitted them)
  I fitted a 3.0 gear set, for quiet economical cruising. The factory 3.94 (drag pac) gear set came with the car, (and with lots more cruising revs, noise and fuel consumption, but neck snapping acceleration!) Smog: The original smog system had been removed.    The paint was not perfect, and there were two minor dents ..one in the bonnet and one where the (trunk mounted) battery fell over and gently dinged the adjacent guard. The fibreglass bonnet scoop had bubbles in the paint and there was some light surface rust on some components underneath. There was a minor oil leak around the oil filter somewhere....and some other bits and pieces. The tyres fitted were modern high performance radials.  The original style Goodyear Polyglas tyres can still be purchased, but the dynamics of these tyres are (by modern standards) so awful that retro fitting them would only be sensible if the car was to revert to a show only car and not be driven regularly on the road.

I also had the following extra items:

Factory standard cast iron manifolds (worth $$$$)
Factory 3.94 gear set (mint)
Both original vehicle build sheets
Both original invoices (Ford to Kar Kraft, and Kar Kraft to Dealer)
Original owners manual and Boss 429 Supplement
A full ownership and mechanical history with receipts
Fully detailed Show Card on stand
Book: Boss 429 Performance issue 1 (B&W) by Steve Strange
Full set of original Boss 429 Newsletters by Steve Strange
Magazine articles from USA with pictures and articles about this car
Engine Dyno figures and graphs for this car.

Big Boss gives the Dyno a workout!

HP and Torque  on 96 pump gas and prior to fitting the Fuelstar fuel conditioner.
(Ign had to be backed well off to prevent pinging). 

Below are some sample photos taken during the time I owned this car.