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Auckland Club Cars: Listings 31-45

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33 Craig Borland and Dianna Bang: 2007 Roush 427R. Imported directly from the US. Maintained in its original guise (no temptation to modify further). Arrived in the country with 2800 miles on the clock within the current LH drive legislation. Now travelled 12,000 miles but maintained in excellent condition. Has travelled as far afield as Wellington for national conventions.


36 Roger & Jackie Parsons, Whangarei: We tied the knot during the 50th Mustang Anniversary in Las Vegas
1967 289 convertible close to standard imported from Texas as is 2010 and just driven
1969 Mach 1 imported from Sacramento 2011 .Completely stripped and rebuilt with Modifications over 3yrs
38 Jeff Tobin:  2003 Mach 1. Still Left hand drive.
40 Steve and Karen Morris: 1966 GT "A" Code Coupe 4 x Speed
41 Steve and Karen Morris: 1966 GT "A" Code Fastback 4 x Speed

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