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Auckland Club Cars: Listings 1-15

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1 Brett and Kasey Shackleton: 1970 Sportsroof. Built on budget to drive heaps and have loads of fun in.  It's painted a bright non Ford orange with computer made Boss type stripes.  It has been lowered and with US Indy wheels which wear BF Goodrich rubber.  The 302 engine has been rebuilt using good gear which makes the engine very lively.  The C4 trans has a shift kit installed.  Also added is front and rear spoilers, rear louvers (sports slats), new twin exhaust, late model stereo, Momo steering wheel and VDO 5" tacho.   brett_shackleton.jpg (60923 bytes)
 2 John and Marion DeVere-Ellery: 1966 GT Convertible. Mint and Original  DeVere_ellery_s.jpg (20289 bytes)
4  Blair Rundle:  1967 T5 Fastback. 289 2V 3spd. A very standard car due to it being a T5. T5 standing for Germany export was probably sold to a US service person working in Germany. Only 154 1967 fastback T5's were built. Possible the only T5 in NZ.

5 Ross Nicholas and Gail Thompson: 1972 351 Mach 1 thompson.jpg (90501 bytes)
6  John and Peggy Barker: 1967 Hardtop , The Week End Warrior. 289 Low Compression Engine Prof Built By Mike Gearing For Blower Application. Paxton Gt 350 Blower Kit, Modified C4,  9" Rear,  Rollover, Resto Mid 90,s
7 Shackleton Family: 1973 351 Cobra Jet Mach 1  sam_shackleton.jpg (26001 bytes)
8  Steve Snelgar: 1966 Convertible Weir.jpg (67061 bytes)
9 Ken Smith: 1967 Fastback, 390 Big Block, C6 Auto, 9 inch, 15inch Boyd Coddington Mags, White Ribbon Wall tyres, Beige Mist Metallic, 1 of only 217 cars built in this special order colour.
11 Ian & Nikki Draper 1964 Mustang Convertible - 289ci D-Code engine with 4 speed Top loader. Three USA owners and 72,000 miles since new. Lots of paperwork and documentation detailing ownership and work carried out. Shipped to Australia in 2004 and converted to RHD. A full restoration completed in 2005. Purchased the vehicle in Melbourne and  shipped it to New Zealand 2006.
12 William Lee and Alison Harvey: 1969 428 Mach 1 Cobra Jet 4 speed manual Lee69428TN.jpg (24555 bytes)
13 Arthur & Maryann Wilkinson: Our supercharged 2005 S281SC Saleen originates from near Cincinnati Ohio. Purchased from original owner March 08 with 4000 miles up. Has the wheel and brake upgrade package with 20" chrome wheels and Pirelli Pzero Rosso Tyres as well as high intensity discharge lights. Travelled to the US Aug 08 picked up the car and trailered  it to Northern Indiana. From there drove it to Oregon where it was containered and shipped to NZ arriving Oct 08. Now has 7000 miles and with 400bhp is real blast to drive.
15 Neville and Emma Barton: 1967 Fastback. Highly modified, with metal front spoiler made by the owner. Barton.jpg (26154 bytes)

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